I have a testimony. It is something I should share….because sharing it brings glory to God.

I have been reflecting a lot lately on how to share my testimony and how to do my part in making sure it is focused on God and his work instead of on what has changed in me.

My testimony, like most, is about change. I was this….God touched my life….I am now this.

So, how did that change happen? What caused the change in my life? I think this is what many testimonies are missing. We explain that God changed us which is inspiring, but neglect to tell how so others can experience that change too. How did we get to the point that allowed that to happen? Were we just in the right place at the right time because we choose to go to a church service? Were we at the end of our ropes and crying out in despair? Had we tried everything else first and this was the last option? Did someone cross your path and rescue you? Did you read or study something?

The church I was attending last year taught me about God. The pastor is a very good preacher going through a specific passage of a book every week and teaching what it says. I learned a lot about those passages we were introduced to, and in that way it affected my life. I am extremely thankful for that and the gift it was in my life. While I was taught about God, something was missing. I was not introduced to God. I love that church and pastor and would defend them if I ever needed to, but when I most needed to be taken to God they were not there for me. They told me about God, but outside of one person they did not share with me in prayer, and no one ever opened up Scripture to show me who God was or what he was doing in my life. They looked for outward fruit in my life showing my faith in Christ, but I was not led to a relationship with a Lord and Savior that changed my heart.

I was presented things on the outside and asked to change from the outside in. I was not led into a relationship where the Holy Spirit was released into my life to change my heart, mind, and perspective from the inside out. Too many churches do not understand that this is where change happens. Outward conformity doesn’t lead to change. God leads us to change from the inside. Too many churches are teaching about God, but not leading people to relationship with God. They are teaching a message that can lead people to feel condemnation, shame, guilt, compliance, and comformity. There are messages being shared that do not bring freedom and are not really a message of good news and hope. Often this is because the message has been changed to be about us instead of about the Lord.

I have a testimony.

It is something I should share.

It is something I want to share.

It is something I am excited to share.

Not because it is about me and anything I did.

Not because I am now changed and different.

I have a testimony to share because I believe it brings glory to God.

I have a testimony to share because I believe it changes the world, one life at a time.

I have a testimony to share because I believe that what I have found is so valuable I want to share it with others.