I recently came across this video. As I viewed it I considered what I want in a church, what I desire the church I am helping to plant to look like, but I also thought of home many people hear things like this and it breaks their heart. It isn’t the church they have known. For many people, church is not what they say in this video.

My church is open and inviting

My church is a place where there’s always going to be a merciful response to what I am going through

They accept me for who I am

I can come, regardless of what’s going on in my life

It is a place where I feel safe

My church is a place of forgiveness

It is grace filled

It is a place where there’s mercy for me

My church is a great place to learn about God

There’s always something new, and I always seem to relate to what is going on

My church is one of the most creative and inspiring places that I go every week, sometimes twice.

It’s a place where my kids have a great time, and they’re learning, and I know that they are safe

My church is where I can come and use my talents and can help other people

My church is a place of healing

It just gives us that extra support that sometimes is hard to ask for

Anything I go through, there’s other people and probably a group that are going through it too, and I can join with them

My church is open and inviting

It’s Grace filled








Full of God





It’s a place where God is alive

It’s my soft place to fall

My church is where my family has started a story

It’s a place of hope, healing, forgiveness, and grace

My church brought me back to life

It’s a place that I will always call home

What are some things you would say “church” is to you?