It would be great if life was predictable. Some days I want a road map that tells me what lies ahead.

Unfortunately that is not what we have been given.

God wants us to live by faith.

Have you ever considered things may happen in life just to grow your faith?

This week I have been placed in a very difficult position between two people I care for immensely. Things have occurred that put me in a position where I am being pushed to choose sides. I am being asked to behave in ways that I do not agree with. It has been challenging for me to keep perspective, feel hopeful, or see things through any perspective that isn’t painful and hard.

The situation could lead me to frustration, anger, resentment, or broken relationships. I am trying to choose the exact opposite. I don’t want to choose between these two friends, I want to choose God’s way and relationship with Christ. Circumstances leave me battling to choose hope, to believe God is bigger than the circumstances, and to be joyful in the midst of this.

I am learning to ask different questions:

Do I believe God is who he says he is?

Do I believe God can change lives, minds, and hearts?

Do I believe God is big enough to either change the situation, or change me?

Can I rejoice in the Lord even when I can’t rejoice in my circumstances?

Some days the circumstances in our lives are difficult, but living by faith is a choice.

What have you learned that helps you get through difficult times? How do you faith a choice?