**Life has been busy with some changes lately so I am behind on posting this. My goal is to post these around the end of every week, and this was due almost a week ago.

Today’s thoughts come from Kenneth Copeland in Load Up: Devotional

Hard times are not as hard as they look – unless you are looking in the wrong place, through the wrong eyes, thinking the wrong thoughts or imitating the wrong people.  Wrong thoughts pain the wrong pictures in your mind. They tell you things are worse than they are. they tell you that you don’t have what it takes to succeed in life, or that the right opportunity won’t come to you.

So, how do we change our thinking? Isaiah 55:6-11 tells us. We’re to take up God’s thoughts and God’s ways. f we want to live the kind of life God has in mind for us, we must exchange our thoughts for His thoughts. We must lay down the way we look at things and instead pick up the wisdom of God – the Bible. Through God’s written Word, we’ll learn what reality is. We’ll learn what’s really going on in the world and His plan for getting through it. The answer to every problem is in the Bible. Let it change your thinking Remember, times are not as hard as they look when you look from God’s eyes!