A few years ago I was introduced to the idea that instead of just believing IN God, we need to believe God.

When we decide to believe in Christ and accept him as our Lord and Savior, becoming a Christian, we make a choice to believe IN God. We believe he exists, he is someone we want to relate to, and we value his leadership in our life. That doesn’t mean we believe Him though. There is someone in your life that you know, you can touch, you listen to and share with, but you do not believe everything they say. Maybe you are just skeptical, maybe they have hurt you, or maybe it is just an occasion where they are pulling your leg or doing a practical joke.

As we grow to know and understand who God is we should be learning that God never lies, never pulls practical jokes (although I do believe he has an incredible sense of humor), never seeks to hurt us, and will never fail us or leave us. Did you get that? God NEVER does those things. He doesn’t slip up. He doesn’t have a bad day. He doesn’t get stressed out or overwhelmed.

If God NEVER fails us then we can grow to believe in all he says. Every word is truth.

There are a few steps to powerfully believing God:

  1. Listen to what God says
  2. Accept that it is true
  3. Act on what you believe

It is easy to forget to act on your belief, but that is where the real power of believing comes in.

If we believe that something is hot we learn to take actions to avoid being hurt. If we believe something is sinful, and sin breaks relationship with God and others we will take action to avoid it. If we believe that we supposed to love our neighbor we will demonstrate that through our actions. If we believe that we should guard our communication and speak only words of grace our words will show that. If we believe that God loves us, will change us, and answers our prayers we will take actions to correspond to that believe.

Are you actually believing God, or just believing IN God? In Mark 9:24 the father realized that although he knew how to believe IN God, he needed help to change so that he would actually believe God.

His prayer was, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Do you need to join me in saying that prayer today?