I have a confession to make. The condition of my heart is sick. I have been looking at it lately and have come to realize…

…my heart is hard
…my heart is selfish
…my heart is judgmental
…my heart holds anger, fear, insecurities
…my heart wants to listen to others even when God’s word tells me something else (in other words I make them false gods and idols)
…my heart deceives me and listens to untruth

I want to speak words of redemption to others.
I want to show love and grace.
I want to be content, peaceful, and feel hope and joy.
I want to stop being so sensitive to what others say, and to stand firm on God’s truth.

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. (Matthew 12:34b)

I guess it is time to do some more work on making sure my heart is healthy, or my words will never be what I want.
Heart, it truly is the center of who we are.