One of the keys to making a real change and having it last it getting to the roots of the issue. Just like when I am trying to tackle weeds or unwanted plants in my yard, if I leave the roots the plants will grow back. The same is true with our lives. If we do not tackle the roots of what lies underneath our thinking, or behavior, or our convictions we will never make lasting change.

Have you ever had to fight a weight problem? Then you probably know that just loosing the weight isn’t the issue. There are some beliefs you hold deep down that affect why you eat certain foods, why you won’t give up certain foods, and why you have allowed yourself to put on weight. Have you ever had a chronic health problem? How has this affected your thinking? Do you go through life telling yourself that you have a problem and it will limit or stop you from doing certain things? Do you tell yourself inside every day that you are a sick person?

When I was very young I was diagnosed with dyslexia. It can affect your ability to learn, read, comprehend certain concepts, etc. My mother never labeled me with this diagnosis though and I began to learn how to use it for good rather than be limited by it. Sure I struggle with my left and right directions even today, but it is kind of a joke because I have left and “the other left”. I have found that I can read things backwards and upside down, I have tremendous spatial abilities, and I am able to work harder on complex things that others give up on because I have had to work hard throughout my education. I never had top of the line grades, but did score in the top 85% most of the time and have worked to accomplish two bachelors degrees, 1.5 masters degrees, and countless other training. I read 50-100 books a year, and am constantly looking for new challenges.

Getting to the roots of our beliefs and convictions and the inward thinking we are doing can be a difficult journey because we can be blind to some of our beliefs, but if you will take time every day to think about what you are telling yourself, why you are doing certain things, and why you believe something the lights will start coming on. Ask yourself some key questions like: How do I feel about myself? Do I believe I am worth caring for and being loved? Do I believe that God exists? Why? What does that mean in my life? Do I believe I am broken, worthless, sick, destructive, unforgiveable? If there was one thing in your life you would change today what would it be? What can you do today to make that happen?

Take time to visualize and dream about yourself as you want to be. Take time to speak positive and uplifting messages into your mind and heart? Stop speaking the negative messages and flip them on their head to a positive aspect. Take time to be thankful for who you are, what you have learned, where you are at today in your journey, and to believe that you have moved forward and will move forward even further. You have talents, gifts, skills, abilities, insights, and vitality that I need and those around you need. You are a gift that impacts the lives of others. Believe in that and start sharing it with others!