It is the start of a new year, and with that comes new ideas. The concept of thinking differently and ending incorrect beliefs in my life has been a theme for me lately so I am going to try something new. I hope that once a week I can add a post that will provide an opportunity for us to rethink a belief. Even changing one belief at a time will make big changes over the course of the year. So, here goes post #1.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

When you read that verse do you choose to believe it? Can you say deep in your heart that if you commit your plans to the Lord that you believe he will answer and have your plans succeed? Faith is about believing, and believing needs to happen without doubting. If we trust the Lord deep down in our heart we should be able to read a verse like this and truly believe. If we believe this, then we can stop worrying because we trust the Lord is in charge. If we start to worry we can change our thinking and remind ourselves that we have faith in the Lord and have committed our plans to him. As we believe, change our thinking, resist worrying, and remind ourselves that the Lord is in charge and has made promises to us, then our doubts and fears will begin to become less frequent and disappear.

So today change your mindset: choose to believe in the promise of the Lord. Commit to the Lord, stop worrying, and watch for him to make your plans succeed. He may not answer every prayer exactly as you pray it, but have faith that he does desire to be active and involved in your life.