One of the most powerful things I have seen through my recovery is the power of the voice of survivors. When others tell their story, show their determination to recover, and share their hope and successes with others it builds momentum. This is exactly why support groups exist. They have learned that life is so much easier when we do not walk it alone. God designed us this way! He made us want and need others and one of the tricks the enemy uses through abuse and trauma is to isolate, separate, and discourage us.

Hearing the recovery stories of others is powerful. It can leave us feeling that recovery truly is possible and there can be a different future. It reminds us that while the abuse and trauma may be a part of our past it doesn’t need to define us and determine our future.

This week I have been listening to the stories from:

These stories give me courage and hope. They inspire me and remind me that the future is different as we walk with God and choose to believe. They show me that it is okay to trust again and that I do not have to live separated, alone, or lost.

Last night I publically stepped on board with a new ministry that is starting near my home. I have been in discussions with the leadership for a couple months and they know my story but they still believe in me and believe that God has changed my life and made me a new creation. Thanks to the stories of others and the unconditional love, grace, and mercy of the Lord Almighty I am able to take new steps and move forward too. My heart is full of hope, joy, and life today. It feels so good to know that the future can and will be different!