TruthDo you believe there is such a thing as absolute truth? It would be something that is true for all people, at all times, in all places and circumstances. The answer to this question shapes and affects your life in very significant ways.

If someone does not believe in absolute truth then there is no foundation for life that is true for everyone. Everything is relative and therefore could be debated in the right context. On the other hand if someone believes in absolute truth there are things in our society and in daily interactions with others that they will have to consciously disagree with and not accept, even if others are accepting them.

There are some things that are so built into our thinking now that we have accepted them as absolute truth without necessarily realizing it. These things are widely accepted and anyone who does not agree with them would be considered out of touch or incorrect.

  • The world is round
  • Humans, plants, and animals need food, water, and oxygen to survive
  • Humans are made up mostly of water and salt
  • Humans require a heart, oxygen, and blood to survive
  • There are toxic and deadly things in our world
  • Physical life comes to an end

Our belief about truth and whether it is absolute and where it comes from/can be found affects our faith and spiritual life. The statement above about physical life coming to an end may be seen as an absolute truth in our world, but the next step beyond that involves questions about what physical life is, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, if the spirit is different from the physical, if an afterlife exists, when people move to that afterlife, and what that afterlife might be like in both experience and what the requirements are that get a person there.

Over 25 years ago I made a choice to accept an absolute truth in my life, I accepted Jesus Christ was real, was God’s Son, paid a ransom for my life, and I chose to commit my life to the teachings of Christianity and to a life of following and believing in God and his ways. Since that time I have never doubted that God existed, cared for me, and was both the creator of the universe (including me) and the ultimate source of good, life, power, hope, and love. I accepted the Bible as his teachings, the church as the manner in which people have learned to gather and share about God and learn to live out Christianity, and that a true life devoted to this involved much more than just attending church each Sunday. However, there was a truth I had not accepted. I had not accepted that Scripture (the Bible) was absolute truth. I had read parts of it and did not understand so I chose not to believe. I found parts of it too difficult so I avoided and denied them. I believed that man had written it and therefore it couldn’t be without issue. I had chosen to accept that Scripture held some truth but finding what was truth in it and sorting through that was so difficult that 1) I couldn’t do it alone, 2) I would not be able to understand it in this lifetime, 3) That God didn’t want us to understand certain things, and 4) that it didn’t really apply to my life.

My belief that Scripture did not hold absolute truth shaped and affected my thinking tremendously over the last 25 years. While I believed in God, committed my life to the teachings of Christ, and authentically sought to follow God to the best of my knowledge and ability I was not turning to the greatest resource I had to help me learn, grow, change, and become like God. This summer Scripture has become an absolute truth in my life, and I believe the truth in it can show us the source of truth, life, hope, and promise. The Bible says it is living and active, and in that it can change us, grow us, and lead us to a closer walk with God. The Bible says it is truth, and that truth will set us free. This shift in thinking resulted in a paradigm shift that has absolutely transformed my life and I now am able to stand firm against a great deal of untruth, confusion, and misinformation that others try to teach me and speak into my life because I know where to find truth. It has resolved a great deal of confusion and disillusionment that used to be in my life and a sense of skepticism that I never seemed to be able to overcome. I use Scripture to test what others tell me, and ask those who try to speak spiritually into my life to use scripture to make their points and support their decisions or actions. If we claim to be followers of Christ and are not willing to use his Word like this then we are missing the power of his truth.

Do you feel held captive? In bondage? Imprisoned? Depressed? Without hope? Confused? Lost?
Do you want that to change? Have you struggled to find a real way to change?

If so, take a look at how you view truth, what you believe is truthful, and if you believe in absolute truth? What you believe, whether you are aware consciously of your beliefs or not, affects you and it is leading your thinking and affecting your actions and emotions tremendously.