Have you heard anyone use the phrase “unbalanced life”? Maybe it was used as a reference to a life where too much time is spent focusing on one area while other things are neglected, for example working 80 hours a week. Maybe it has been used as a reference to being too much a part of the world and not living a life like what people think God would want from us. No matter how it was used I expect it was used in a more negative manner than a positive one.

Life depends so much on our perspective. What is it that sets your perspective and views on life? Is it your family? Your job? Your relationships? Your past? Your faith? A combination?  Are you more pessimistic or optimistic by nature? Do you questions people and circumstances or give the benefit of the doubt?

Jesus the Christ came into our world and changed things. His view of the world was different than those he was around and he changed their perspective. He didn’t just go along with the culture or the church, but instead he knew God’s heart and his word and he choose to live it out 24 hours a day. Jesus lived an unbalanced life. His life was very slanted in one direction, the only true and right direction. His life was balanced 100% toward God.

God’s word sums up how we should live into two commandments. If we seek to live just those two commandments out we will face many trials, struggles, difficulties, conflicts, questions, heartaches, obstacles, and also will find tremendous joy, hope, promise, blessing, depth, and love. Those commandments tell us to love with all we have. Life will be unbalanced as it will be filled with three things: love, God, and others.

Are you seeking to live a balanced life and be in control, or are you willing to live an unbalanced life and go after God with all you have? It is a very scary and difficult questions for those of us who have been hurt, burned out, disillusioned, and devastated by Christians and the Church, but following Christ while it is unbalanced is the safest and most gratifying place to be as we will be close and under the eternal protection of God. It won’t be easy, but it is the best choice we can make.