I am working through a discipleship book called Christian Living: Walk the Walkby Impact Ministries. It is designed to help you discover the foundation and principles for spiritual growth. Today’s lesson is on What Causes Doubt in My Life.

The book names three types of doubt, and ways to combat these doubts:

  1. Doubt rooted in fear – God wants us to trust and have faith in facts, not our feelings. Problems can cause us to fear and despair, but when we have confidence in God and his faithfulness we don’t need to fear. (Mark 9:21-24)
  2. Doubt rooted in circumstances – Our faith needs to be in Jesus, not the circumstances of our life. When God’s promises are deeply rooted in our hearts we will gain confidence and faith that will combat our fears. (Luke 7:18-23).
  3. Doubt rooted in reason – Faith is about trusting in what we do not know and see, but often we struggle to believe what does not make sense or what we do not understand. God wants us to believe even in the face of things not making sense. (John 20:25-27).

I have struggled with a lot of doubt after being spiritually abused. I have doubted my own judgement and ability to make decisions, especially about spiritual things. I have placed trust in people and asked them to lead and guide me back to spiritual health when what I really needed to have faith in was God. My fears have been rooted in fear, circumstances, and reason.

Faith is a choice, a decision, a willful and active step. Faith comes from God, but when he offers it we have to receive it and then actively walk in it. The way to combat doubt is to have faith. When we lack faith we need to call out to God and ask him for more.

Nothing has been more troublesome in my recovery process than the doubts I have struggled with, and the unbelief I have lived in. It crippled me, left me a victim, and the enemy used it to keep me from being a strong and faithful follower of God. I was not able to solve the doubts on my own. I needed to recognize, and admit my deep need for God to heal and change me. I needed to believe that God could remove my doubts and give me faith. I needed to choose to walk as if I believed even when I didn’t and to willingly take steps of faith even when my feelings were of doubt. My doubts have changed and my confidence has soared as my faith is now placed on God instead of on others or myself.

This has not been easy, but it has been an incredibly rewarding process. Are you facing doubts in your faith? Do you need to cry out to God admitting your unbelief and asking for faith? Do you need to readjust to make sure your faith is placed on God and not on others or yourself? I believe God can and desires to change you and to give you radical and life transforming faith. Now you just need to take a step forward and trust that God’s faithfulness, my faith, and your willing heart are enough to see God break through your fears and doubts. Freedom lies ahead!