I recently came across this article (http://www.barnabasministry.com/recovery-practicals.html) on the Practicals on Spiritual Recovery and found it really good. It lists five practical areas to address in our recovery process.

  1. Stop the activity that is causing the injury – Step out or away so you do not experience further damage
  2. Diagnose the injury – Spiritual matters are complex so diagnosing the injury correctly may be difficult
  3. Receive treatment for the injury – The best treatment, the only one that truly heals, comes from God. Allow him to heal hearts and faith.
  4. Rehabilitation – This is the work and journey back to health
  5. Learn from the experience – This is part of growing, changing, and healing

My favorite quote from the article was: “The lesson I learned from this is that if something is true, no matter how many times you challenge it and reexamine it, it will always remain true. So, we needn’t have fear in challenging our beliefs and understandings of God’s will for our lives.”