The pastor and an elder from my church have agreed to meet with me and my counselor. The meeting will occur on July 27th.

I am very thankful for God’s favor in providing this opportunity and excited to see what he does.  I will be praying for God to prepare our hearts, open our minds, and bring healing and hope that only he can bring.  I know this conversation will only be the first step if true reconciliation is to occur, but I am encouraged that a door is opening to take a step in the right direction. God’s heart is for reconciliation and restoration and he specializing in raising things from the dead so I have complete faith that he can work amazing miracles during this time. It is now my responsibility to spend the next two weeks diligently working on all that I need to do to prepare my heart, soul, and life for that meeting so that I am open as possible to hear, receive, and give all that is needed.