“Believing we should be able to do what we could not do, and endlessly trying to control what we could not control, left us in our own insanity.  It was only when we grew sick and tired of our own insanity that we were able to recognize that our lives have become unmanageable.  And it was only then that we were ready to learn new lessons in humility.  Surrender helped to restore our sanity.  We could not do for our son any of what we, as his parents, wanted so desperately to do.  We could not.  That simple truth was excruciatingly painful, and yet it was wonderfully green.  And it ultimately was what opened the door for our healing as parents and for our healing as a family, because healing only occurs as we lived in that humble truth and got out of God’s Way.  We stopped trying to do what only God could do when we humbly admitted, ‘we cannot.’”

“To truly surrender we must come to the end of our attempts to run our own lives.  Once we are clear on the futility of our own spiritual efforts and the need for God’s help and guidance, we can turn our lives over the God’s care and direction.  As long as some part of us is holding out and believing that we can make our lives better if we just try a little harder, we will find it difficult to fully surrender.  Thus, surrendering to God’s love and grace becomes a process of releasing more and more of our self-reliance as we grow in faith.” (from Soul Repair: Rebuilding Your Spiritual Life by Jeff VanVonderen and Dale & Juanita Ryan)

Have you come to the point of true surrender to God? I can’t happen until you reach the end of yourself and realize your incredible need for God, to be saved by him, to be embraced by him, to be trained by him, to be loved by him.

This has been my journey over the last few weeks, reaching a point where I finally said “I cannot” and “I don’t even want to try to any more”. Sometimes God will take us there through circumstances and discipline but we don’t need to wait until we are at the end of our ropes. It has to do with the condition of your heart and your willingness and desire to be like him. I pray that you will find surrender to God because there truly is no safer, better, and more fruitful place to be.