Have you ever participated in a remodeling project? A building project? Either way they are hard work. A few years ago a friend/co-worker and her husband decided that the best way to plan for their retirement was to remodel their 2200 square foot home. Their children were now out of the house and all of their neighbors had larger homes so remodeling their home which was located on 3 acres of property would add a great deal of value, especially in the real estate market that was starting to soar. Over the next two years they worked, and worked, and worked to complete there 4600 square foot home. They called it a remodel, but by the time they were finished not only had their address changed because their driveway was now on a different road, but they had replaced everything except the foundation slab and one beam. 

I started reading a book this week called Soul Repair: Rebuilding Your Spiritual Life by Jeff VanVonderen and Dale & Juanita Ryan. In that book they talk about rebuilding and how we may try to remodel when we need more. “We understand the desperate desire to solve the problem by adding a fresh coat of paint or doing a minor remodel. Maybe even adding a room. But please, God, let it be something less drastic than tearing down and rebuilding. Unfortunately, if the problem is with our spiritual foundations, then anything less than demolition and rebuilding would probably be a waste of time – like the proverbial rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic.”

“Those of us who have built on an unstable foundation have done so unintentionally. We probably began our spiritual lives with the most solid piece of ground we could find, and we started building, hoping for the best. Some of us were tempted by a nice view or what seemed like a prime location. Some of us built our spiritual lives on land we inherited from our parents. Most of us probably built our spiritual homes in whatever was the most convenient spot, without first thoroughly examining the soil.”

What has your spiritual life been built on? Is it time for a spiritual remodel or rebuild?