Choosing Direction?


I started this blog with a heart to not only work through my own process but also to assist others on the journey to restore trust toward the church and spiritual leaders. Four and a half years ago I was abused in a church. That situation changed my life and has left me impacted in many ways, some of which I have just been realizing recently as my current church has pushed me to deal with the issues in my life.

If you have been through a damaging situation with a church, church leaders, a small group, etc. I grieve for you because the impacts on your faith, your understanding of God and the world, and your life can be deep. However, I want to encourage, motivate, and strengthen you to get back into the game and keep trying.

After my abuse I was told it typically takes people 4-7 years to return to church, and some never do. Many people walk with wounds from their situation for their life. After what God has been showing me recently I have a response to what I was told … NO! Those statistics and the heart behind sharing them is all about continuing to walk in the pain and brokenness and not allowing God to heal and protect you. God created the universe and raised his son from the dead. Do you think he can’t change your situation? I didn’t, and for over four years I have walked doubting that I would ever be healed, that a new life was available, and that God could truly heal me. (Forgive me Lord!)

Now, please don’t read into what I am saying because I do believe that God will often have us go through a time of healing and will work a process in our lives. I believe he is fully capable of healing each of us in an instant, but what I typically see is that he chooses to do that as a journey. I don’t know if that is due to our lack of faith or because he is teaching us things through the process but either way we will be healed as we have faith in him, trust in his healing, turn to him, and lean on him. Four the last four years I have depended on the faith and understandings of others. I have doubted God, and I have not allowed him to heal and renew me.

Friend, if you need and desire God to do a healing work in your life tell him, trust him, lean on him, and turn to no one other than him for that healing. Don’t walk the path I have. I wish someone had come to me four years ago and showed me the error in my thinking, my lack of faith, and the way my heart was turning hard toward God, his church, and his people. I have lived with such lack of faith, fear, and under such oppression. God is now setting me free and liberating me. I feel as if years of bondage and oppression are lifting and I am being renewed. I said earlier this week that I had a long and hard journey ahead, I no longer think it will be hard but it will be easy as I submit and follow my Lord. I have given him control and access to my life like never before and I am seeing the incredible benefits of that.

Have you ever read the book Hinds Feet on High Places? Let him take you to your high place to find healing!