The last two weeks have been a difficult journey and I am feeling pretty disheartened. Dealing with struggles in life is difficult. We all have to do it at times. Sometimes those struggles pass easily, and sometimes they are a long and strenuous course.


I have been doing some reading and thinking about people that have been hurt by the church and by man. There are so many hurting, disappointed, lonely, and struggling people out there. As a global church I am not seeing that we are doing well at responding to that. Yesterday I read a blog of people who had left the Mormon church. Most of them have not returned to any church and do not think they ever will, a few had attended a Unitarian church, and only one had gone to a Christian church. Today I read a blog about the World Church of God and how hurt some people have been by that organization.


Many of those who have been hurt are angry, bitter, and broken. The pain they have experienced has so deeply rooted into their hearts that they speak ill about those that have hurt them, or say words about others that could be slanderous.

God’s word tells me that I am called to love others. That is God’s heart for how we are relate to others here on earth. I have been hurt by others, and even in my current church I can feel judged and criticized, and the actions of others have caused me to stumble in my walk and in my recovery. I am realizing again that our churches and organizations are filled with people who are going to fail us. I was hurt, and because of that I want a safe place and I want to know others care for me and about me. I want to be embraced for who I am and encouraged to be all that God calls me to be. I want to see others walking faithfully in their walk with God, and yet often it feels like we are surrounded by others who also do not have this life with God figured out.


Relationships are hard, healing is difficult, and trusting again is scary. I have choices in this process though. No one has taken those choices from me. I can choose whether to trust, whether to be involved in a church, whether to stand firm in my convictions, and whether to let others abuse me again. I can choose which church I will b a part of, how actively I want to be involved, and what people within an organization I want to relate to. I can choose to be angry and bitter, or I can choose to forgive, love, heal, and grow.


You too have choices. I encourage you to make ones that are positive for your situation and for your future. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck where you are at and feel hopeless. Make a choice that moves you to a place with more joy, hope, love, purpose, and peace. The choices may be difficult, but remember that if you are stuck a step in any direction is a move forward.