One of the things a person who has gone through abuse, significant loss, and sorrow experiences is a need to both connect with others and be cared for by them. Often we fail to connect with and care for those who need it the most. Part of the reason is we don’t know how to handle their story, their loss and pain, and we fear that it will become our pain.

“Being in the presence of deep pain is frightening. It’s too messy; there are too many unanswered questions. “What do I say?” people ask, as if pain needs to be bandaged and plugged instead of released. And so they withdraw from sadness and grief. That, of course, leaves the hurting person alone with looming fear and sadness, forcing her to God for help. “Please God, fill me, heal me, nurture me. Do you really know how I feel? Can you really fill the gnawing pain that’s ripping me apart?”

Quoted from Pieces of Glass by Sarah Kay

Is there someone in your life that is dealing with sadness and grief, someone who might be hurting and feeling alone? How could you reach out to them to show encouragement, support, or care this weekend? Sometimes the simplest gestures (a hug, a single flower, a card saying you are thinking of them, or just five minutes of time) can provide healing and hope.