December 26, 2004 a Tsunami hit SouthEast Asia. It was a devasting event that affected people all over the world. People’s lives were traumatized, some of them lost everything. I don’t remember that event, because that day I experienced my own trauma and loss as I walked out the door of the church I had called home for twelve years, never to return. Ten days prior I had been confronted by a staff member in very hurtful and traumatizing situation, was told I could no longer serve in the ministry I had been a part of for years, and was accused of a laundry list of failures and offenses.

It has been a long three years reaching this point, and trying to find recovery from what I experienced. The impacts on my life, my confidence, my faith, and my relationships have been tremendous. It feels as if I have been walking through a battle field, and in many ways have had to do it alone. I have learned that what I experienced is referred to as spiritual abuse. It is much more common than most people realize, but few poeple are willing to talk about it. I want to be one of those people. There are thousands of people in our world walking through life with damaged beliefs, self-esteems, and faith due to the abuse of others. Those of us who are suffering, and trying to heal, need others to share in this journey with us.

I know I have an uphill battle to take my broken beliefs, feelings, hopes, dreams, and understandings and put them back together, but through all I have had to walk through, the one thing I have never doubted is God’s love for me. I pray this blog will be a witness to that love, will be a place of healing on my journey, and will provide a place for others to learn about abuse, healing, hope, faith, relaitonships, trust, and life.

 You are welcome to join me on this journey!